Our trainers are highly qualified professionals, certified by all the major sports bodies, as well as crossfit, weight lifting, athletics and other disciplines. They are constantly updated to always be in line with the continuous evolution of the various sports techniques they teach; they train daily because it is with continuous practice that one perfects the execution of the movements.

In our club it is fundamental that the trainer must be fully knowledgeable in the subject he teaches in order to correctly demonstrate and correctly prepare the client without becoming a common "count repetition".

The important thing is to build solid foundations.

Our Trainers are problem solvers born with a solid teaching experience. Expect a general improvement in your physical condition. Once you've built the basics we'll help you become more specialised by working on coordination and motivation.

Prepare yourself for a program full of inspiration and focus on your well-being.

Our Trainers are specialized in the areas of your interest (weight loss, pre and post sport training, sports rehabilitation, preparation for marathons etc.) and have the appropriate skills to help you in your diet and health conditions.
Personalised nutrition programs will help you get the most out of your workouts. In short, you will get the best physical form you have ever had in your life.

Our Trainer team will take care of your training and your health condition in every aspect.

The use of technologies, genetic analysis and metabolism tests will allow offer you a cutting-edge approach that up to now has only been available to professional athletes.

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