You are not joining a gym, you are entering a Club. A place to take care of yourself, in an exclusive way. You will be supported in this journey of well-being in training, nutrition, personal care, from an aesthetic and psycho-physical point of view, opening the doors to the relaxation you deserve. For a state of total well-being, in 360°.

The high professionalism of all employees in a truly exclusive environment, this is what "Ceresio7" aims to ensure its members. The philosophy of the Club is "a limited number", places are limited, to always guarantee a high quality, comfortable and exclusive environment. Applications are sent to the management team, analysed and accepted only when possible.

Ready to give 100% of what you have, there are no excuses nor second chances, and the selection of our members starts from the motivation to achieve their set goals.


The approach of Ceresio 7 | Gym & Spa to your body training uses all the existing methods: functional, cardio, isotonic, crossfit, spinning, yoga, pilates... with the result of improving physical performance in any sport practiced both at professional and amateur level, but also the general state of well-being, thanks to the care of one's person carried out by a team of experts in every field, from beauty to medical and nutritional.


Ceresio 7 gym-spa is a real lifestyle; a place where you can spend your time during the day in a qualitative way: businessman, elitewoman, show people, evergreen buddy, fashion mate and housewife can train like real athletes, relax and take care of your body like never before. In a hectic era, where real luxury is time, we give you the precious opportunity to achieve the results you want in the shortest possible time. Sport performance, relaxation, medical, nutrition, beauty are the main themes of our lifestyle concept: we increase your physical / sports performance, we will let you relax allowing you to pull the plug in the true sense of the word, we will analyse your every problem from a medical point of view, by putting at your disposal an elite team and cutting-edge techniques such as cryotherapy, we will make your metabolism more functional in order to improve the quality of your life; and we will also take care of your skin, subjecting your face and your body to the best existing treatments.


Towels and Bathrobes
Use of towels for training; bathrobes are also available for the Spa area and changing rooms.
Possibility of using reserved spaces in which you can train in complete privacy with your instructor.
Parking & Car Wash
Parking available for Club members with car valet service in addition to car wash service.
Food & Supplements: Food, drinks and supplements
Inside the spa there are buffet-bar corners, where customers can freely use fruit, supplements and drinks, both in the gym and spa area.
It is possible to order food and drinks directly from the Ceresio 7 roof bar, and have them delivered to the gym or to the spa.


Mobile and user friendly system

which allows you to always be connected to the Club services.

It has numerous features such as the course booking system, personal trainers, beauty and wellness services.

Updates about services used in the center.
It also has workout tracking features to continuously track results.



Fast, immediate and courteous service, hotel style.


Every member of the club has a specific referent available to take care of their personal needs, preferences and habits.
It is possible to contact them for any request, including the booking of services in other Ceresio7 facilities.


After becoming a member, a map of the body will be completed, creating a personal file where a nutritional and postural correction path will be developed (after a first complete check-up visit) with a specific and personalized training program. This file will be updated from time to time by monitoring the results for continuous and constant support.

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Sport Performance


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