"Today's effort will be your strength of tomorrow."

Giacomo was born on 7 July 1988 in Ancona, in the Marche region.

Sport and wellness are his lifestyle, in fact since the early years he has practiced amateur sports such as basketball, skiing, soccer and swimming.

At the age of 10 he started playing in the professional club Ancona Calcio, where he came up to the Giovanissimi Nazionali.

In the same years his passion for skiing also grew, in fact up to 18 years he practiced these sports, reporting good results nationally.

Once he moved to Milan for studies, he radically changed speciality, testing himself in Bodybuilding up until 10pm, when he accidentally discovered CrossFit.

Research and improvement in this sport are still the key to his teachings, in fact to teach the best he also specialised in Gymnastics and Weightlifting, two specialties of CrossFit.

According to his belief, "if you do not do, you are not", he practiced competitions at European and even national level, participating for 2 years at CrossFit Regional, in Copenhagen. Always present at the most important competitions in Italy.

Professional training:

CrossFit L. 1

CrossFit L. 2

CrossFit Defense

Concept Rowing L. 1

Advanced Instructor

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